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Trak-Lok 649 Series Limt Switch and Position MonitorTrak-Lok®
649 Series
Limit Switch and Position Monitor

The Trak-Lok 649 Series limit switch and position monitor provides point-to-point switch signaling combined with continuous on-site visual monitoring in one compact UL listed enclosure. It is ideally suited for use with the Tork-Mate® Series 890 pneumatic actuator for operation of Posi-flate inflatable seated butterfly valves.

The Trak-Lok 649 Series limit switch utilizes high grade components throughout for dependable and economical valve monitoring in an industrial process environment, providing improved information flow, safety management and productivity.



The Trak-Lok 649 Series Offers Distinct Advantages

  • High visibility display indicator provides visual "Open" and "Closed" valve position monitoring. Visible from above and all sides at distances up to 150 feet.

  • Start-up and operating personnel have instant access to the exact position of automated valves without placing themselves in awkward or dangerous situations.

  • Two SPDT limit switches provide positive end position indication of valve travel.

  • Standard housing is acceptable for indoor or outdoor installation and is corrosion resistant.

  • Housing features integral mounting bracket with ISO VDI/VDE configuration for direct mounting to most actuators. An O-ring seal protects moving parts of actuator and limit switch from contamination.

  • Polycarbonate housing with no external metal parts.
  • UL approved

  • CUL approved

  • CE marked

  • Housing requires no tools to open or close. Latches provide a secure non-corrosive fastening.

  • Replaceable O-ring shaft and housing seals available in a variety of materials.

  • Integral fugitive emissions monitor port.

  • Direct wire-feed terminal strip is numbered and color-coded with generous working space for wiring.

  • Internal design allows easy removal or replacement of components. Wires are securely held away from moving parts.

  • Cam profile engineered to provide rapid actuation of electrical switches.
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649 Series
Limit Switch and Position Monitor
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Trak-Lok Série 649
Contact de Fin de Course et Indicateur de Position
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